In Sardinia, cycle touring networks and rides to promote the area

Aware that, especially in the post-Covid era, cycle tourism is a resource for the territory, Sardinian guides, rentals and specialized tour operators have established Sardegna Cicloturismo, the first non-profit trade association in the sector of the island.

Being able to dialogue with the institutions, relying on the expertise in the field of specific sector regulations and in the professional regulation of cycle tourism operators, is one of the objectives, but not the only one. In fact, the members of the newborn association also intend to participate in the design of infrastructures and contribute to the promotion of Sardinia as a privileged destination for cycling holidays. So privileged that already last year 16 million euros were allocated to finance the technical and economic feasibility project of the Cycle route of Sardinia.

But the ambitions do not end there, Sardegna Cicloturismo also proposes to represent the operators of the sector and to build a solid link with both civil society and institutions. The commitment is to work towards the protection of the territory and road safety.

Finally, through the association it is intended to create and coordinate a network of operators in the sector and various production activities and services that collaborate with each other and also support each other through the activation of dedicated agreements.

“We are aware of the importance that cycling has among the forms of active tourism”, say the promoters of the initiative “And how it is able to generate significant business volumes, both for local economies and for international tour operators and professional operators. Sardinia is an ideal destination for this form of tourism, thanks to the mild climate, the beauty and variety of its territory, and to an extra-urban road network with little traffic that lends itself well to being traveled by lovers of two wheels. The island is able to attract a considerable number of visitors, including occasional cyclists, amateurs and sportsmen, with different spending capacities and, with good reason, can aspire to compete with established and established realities such as Mallorca and the Canary Islands, only to cite two examples “. Now more than ever, thinking about the post-COVID recovery, it is essential to focus on cycle tourism and active tourism to help the economy of Sardinia: our visitors bring widespread income and do not generate problems of physical distancing “.

The official website will be published shortly, which will also include the technical data sheets of all participating operators.

To receive further information on the institutional purposes and the affiliation methods: (ref. Enrico Casini)

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